Why I love walking on the beach sometimes

January 23rd, 2014

After attempting a bike holiday in Holland a few years ago I have a newfound appetite for fitness and staying I shape. This is when my love for walking on the beach began. There is just something about the feeling of the water getting in between my toes as I walk up the shoreline watching the sun set in the background. I guess what I love about walking alone is that it clears my mind. No frantic emails. No crises to fix at the office. No crying kids. No angry spouse. Just me, my footprints, and the water lapping up my toes, feet, and ankles. The mere thought of walking at the beach sends a wave of relaxation and calm over me. It is my personal time. I don’t owe that time to anyone else or do I have to share that time with anybody else. The truth is, most of my waking hours are leased to other people. Whether it is my significant other, my kids, my boss, my parents, my pets, there is always someone else waiting with a knife cutting into the very scarce pie of time I have every day. Like for instance, last sunday, when I just HAD to please my wife and find a way to invest our savings in gold for our future. After reading and reading for hours on this http://www.invest-in-gold.org gold guide site I found on google I got so stressed out because it just takes SO much time to teach yourself stuff like that in just one day. I came back the next day, put some time in educating myself, and easily invested a part of our savings in gold. It’s all about how YOU manage life, nobody is forcing you…
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Walking on the beach, even for a few minutes, resets my life’s clock. From very thin slivers of time in a badly chopped up time pie, a pie which needed hard boiled eggs (which I learned how to do on this eggtutor.com page), I have a solid pie to myself. I don’t think I am being selfish. I just need to recharge. Indeed, I know for a fact that the more time I recharge and get my head together, the better I can give to the important people in my life. I feel more recharged, and I feel I can give more of myself to other people. It’s all about getting recharged so I can serve others better.

Another awesome benefit I get when walking up and down the shoreline is the perspective I get. I sometimes look back on the footprints I made while walking. I’d stop and watch the gentle waves lap up my footprints slowly. It doesn’t take long for my footprints to disappear totally. Seeing this gives me perspective. The truth is, I only have a few years on this planet. If you think living eighty to one hundred years is a long time, compared to the years that have passed before, that’s barely a blink. Realizing this again and again doesn’t get old to me since it reminds me that every second counts. I have to enjoy it and I have to make it mean something because I’ll never get it back. Seeing my footprints disappear humbles me and motivates me to make my life count. This realization alone makes taking time out to walk on the beach alone all worth it.

How I lost 30 pounds of fat in 3 months

December 29th, 2013

Losing weight is easier said than done. Too many people think that losing weight is similar to flipping a switch and, miraculously, you start shedding pounds. Nothing could be further from the truth. While it is easy to understand that losing weight is the product of a simple process of burning more calories than you consume, the everyday practice of this principle is quite problematic. It takes discipline and it takes an overall approach where we back off from the foods we find enjoyable. If you love cheeseburgers and fries every other day, finding the energy and motivation to go from deciding to lose weight to actually implementing the decision can be very difficult indeed. You have to find the right plan and the right motivation. For example you can do this by searching on the internet for the various ways to lose weight which are out there (just as there are great ways to grow your hair faster). Here is what I did.

Taking pictures of big self
I took a lot of pictures of myself before my diet. I labeled these pictures with dates. I reviewed them on a weekly basis As you can probably imagine, there wasn’t much change from one picture to another. They looked exactly the same. I zeroed in on the fact that I was overweight and needed to lose weight. I kept repeating this in my head when scoping out the pictures. I put my plan to paper and scheduled a start date.
Switch to High Fiber Mostly Vegeterian Diet and Meal Skipping
For the first couple of weeks, I boosted the amount of fiber in my diet by eating high-fiber breakfast cereals. These filled me up quickly and took my hunger pangs away. I also consumed fewer calories since the high-fiber cereals I was eating didn’t have as much fat, calories, and cholesterol as my normal eggs and sausage breakfast. For lunch, I would eat lean meat like grilled chicken (which can be healthier as you think) and a lot of fruit and salads instead of taking an appetite suppressant like this supplement. For dinner, I’d have mostly veggies and salad. After week one, I start dialing down the amount of food I eat for dinner. After a few weeks, I skipped eating dinner altogether. As a result, I lost 30 pounds in 3 months because the amount of calories I burned exceeded the amount of my calorie intake. I was producing a net negative calorie count at night and my body burned stored fat.